These are the area of research in FPA




Head of Research Area:Nasuddin Othman (Dato' Prof.Dr.Hj.)


       Plantation Management & Agribusiness field comprises a team from various disciplines of plantation/agricultural management, agricultural/ plantation economics, agricultural finance, agricultural trade and agricultural marketing.  The main aim of this field is to maximizing the capacities of research and analysis of plantation and agribusiness issues in Malaysia. The current emphases of plantation management and agribusiness are towards managing the labor issues in plantation, working culture and procedures, agricultural prices and forecasting, and trade issues.


Head of Research Area: Dr. Mohd. Yusoff Abdullah


          Agronomy is the art of managing field and technically it means the science and economics of crop production by management of farmland. A branch of agric. sc. deals with principle and practices of field management for the production of field crops - The science of crop cultivation. The central theme of agronomy: Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Continuum-Relationship (SPAC). Scientific research to enhance productivity while sustaining the integrity of ecological processes encompasses Crop Sciences, Soil Sciences and Atmospheric Sciences.


Head of Research Area: Dr. Zaiton Sapak


          Crop protection is the science and technology of managing pests (arthropods, pathogens, invasive weeds, and vertebrates) infestation in plantation crops


Head of Research Area: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adzmi Yaacob


           The study of soil as a natural resource that include soil formation, classification, mapping, physical, chemical, biological and fertility properties of soil in relation to the management of soil for optimum crop growth. Current issue in soil science focuses on sustainable use of soil, reduce chemical usage, increase use of organic and bio-fertilizers together with precision nutrient mapping and crop requirement and usage of GIS system in soil mapping.


Head of Research Area: Dr. Asmah Awal


          Agrobiotechnology is best defined as the application of biotechnology to agriculture. Agrobiotechnology is the knowledge that use of living systems and organisms, to develop or make useful products, or any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms or derivatives thereof, to make or modify agriculture products or processes for specific use.


Head of Research Area: Dr. Alawi Sulaiman


          Agricultural engineering technology is the engineering discipline that applies engineering science and technology to agricultural production and processing.  Agricultural engineering integrates the disciplines of mechanical/electrical/chemical/civil/systems engineering, biology, chemistry and others with knowledge of agricultural principles (ASABE-American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers).