Head of Research Area: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adzmi Yaacob


           The study of soil as a natural resource that include soil formation, classification, mapping, physical, chemical, biological and fertility properties of soil in relation to the management of soil for optimum crop growth. Current issue in soil science focuses on sustainable use of soil, reduce chemical usage, increase use of organic and bio-fertilizers together with precision nutrient mapping and crop requirement and usage of GIS system in soil mapping.







Soil  Chemistry

1)       Soil  Mineralogy

2)       Soil and Plant Analysis

3)       Soil Chemistry and Crop Management

4)       Environmental Soil Science

•       AP Dr. Adzmi Yaacob (Jasin/ Shah Alam)

•       Nur firdaus Abdul Rashid (Jasin)


Soil Physics

1)       Soil  Engineering  and Technology

2)       Mechanization and Soil Assessment

3)       Soil Properties and Water Dynamics

•       Noorsyahirah Norrashid ( TPM)


Soil Biology & Biochemistry

1)       Soil Ecology

2)       Biofertilizer and Soil Fertility

3)       Green Manure and Cover Crop Management

•       Muhamad Nuruddin (TPM MSc. UM)

•       Nur Maizatul  Idayu  Omar (TPM, PhD Kasetsart)


Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition

1)       Fertilizer Management For Plantation Crops

2)       Fertilizer Technology and Application

3)       Soil Fertility Assessment and Fertilizer Recommendation

•       Associate Prof Hj Zakaria Tajuddin

•       Norazlina Abu Sari (Jasin)


Soil Conservation & Management

1)       Soil Degradation, Control and Remediation

2)       Soil  Reclamation

3)       Soil Water Conservation Management

4)       Soil Evaluation and Land Use Planning

5)       Management Of Marginal Soils

•       Associate Prof Dr. Adzmi Yaacob

•       Nurqursyna Boll Kasim (TPM, PhD UiTM)



1)       Soil Genesis & Morphology

2)       Soil Classification

3)       Soil Geography