Head of Research Area: Dr. Alawi Sulaiman


          Agricultural engineering technology is the engineering discipline that applies engineering science and technology to agricultural production and processing.  Agricultural engineering integrates the disciplines of mechanical/electrical/chemical/civil/systems engineering, biology, chemistry and others with knowledge of agricultural principles (ASABE-American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers).






 Niche Area



Agricultural Engineering Technology

1) Farm Mechanisation

2)       Bio-Production Machinery.

3)       Energy Efficiency

4)       Automation

5)       Remote Sensing (LIDAR)

6)       Automation (Smart Knapsack Sprayer

7)       Safety and Health

8)       Ergonomics

9)       Controlled Environment System

• Dr. Darius El-Pebrian

• Siti Amni Ismail

• Mohd Ashraf Zainol Abidin (TPM-Arau-UPM)

• Zareen Zulkifli (TPM-UPM)

• Siti Mariam Shamsi (TPM-UPM)

2) Irrigation & Drainage

1)   Micro-irrigation

2)   Wastewater Treatment & Recycling


3) Precision Farming

1)       Fuzzy Logic Application

2)       Remote Sensing (RS), Geographical Information System (GIS)

3)       Vertical Farming

4)       Urban Farming

5)       Biosensors

6)       Bioimaging

7)       Robotics

• Mohd Saiful Akbar Mohd Sahal (Study leave PhD)

• Alexius Korom (Sabah)