The training workshop took place on 16 th – 17 th July 2018 at the Faculty of Plantation and Agrotechnology, Universiti Teknologi Melaka Branch Jasin Campus, Melaka. The training speakers arrived at the venue one day before, on 15 th July 218 in order to meet for fine-tuning of the agenda and coordination of facilitation. The members of the training speakers were Mr Mohd Hasbollah Suparyono, Senior Executive, Plantation Management Unit and Mr Tan Chee Yong, Executive of Supply Chain from Malaysian Palm Oil Certification Council (MPOCC).

The training-workshop was attended by 110 students of Faculty Plantation and Agrotechnology (FPA) comprising from undergraduates and postgraduates students. Tagging along as participants are approximately 20 lecturers of FPA. This Training Program was officiated by the Dean of Faculty of Plantation and Agrotechnology, Assoc Prof Dr Asmah Awal whom highlighted that the faculty is thankful that MPOCC chose UiTM as the support in Program Jelajah MSPO. She also emphasized that
students must fully utilize this program and ultimately producing holistic graduates for the industry needs. The ceremony was also attended by Deputy Dean of Research and Industry Linkages, Dr Shamsiah Abdullah, Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr Alawi Sulaiman, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, Miss Nordiana Ibrahim, Senior Lecturer of Plantation Management & Agribusiness, Dr Fazleen Ab Fatah, Head of Undergraduate Studies, Pn Salwa Adam, Lecturers and students of FPA.

The first day was very interactive as Mr Tan Chee Yong has given the audience a thorough explanation on MSPO certification and how it would help the industry, and significantly the nation and the world we live in today. The second day training involved active participation from the audience as the audience were assigned to groups. Each group were given task to identify the highlights of MSPO certification, coming from the inputs given by the speakers and discussed on the major elements of the certification.

All the students have showed high level of enthusiasms and very passionate on the modules, proved by their performance during the presentation. This great effort and quality by students were applauded and highly praised as highlighted by Mr Mohd Hasbollah, Senior Executive of MPOCC.

More and more participants have much better understanding on Sustainability, and specifically MSPO Certification, accepted the potential, and by the end were even excited about how they could take it further, helping MPOCC making Sustainability